Implementing an Information Systems Security Policy

Implementing an Information Systems Security Policy.

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In this lab, you implemented an organization’s password policy using Group Policy. Group Policy uses a layered approach to apply policy at the local server, domain, and sub-domain (organizational unit) level. Policies at the organizational unit level take precedence over domain and local policies.

    • Explain why the sequence is in this order.
  1. In this lab, you were tasked with hardening the password policies. Identify a password policy and explain why it is significant for password security. (Account Policy )

Make sure to read the Background and the Technical Details sections before you begin writing. Take note that the assignment requires you to draft a 2-page security policy for one of the areas provided in the Laskondo case. Produce a security policy that is professional and relevant to the needs of Laskondo Healthcare.

Implementing an Information Systems Security Policy