IBIO 202 Homework help please

IBIO 202 Homework help please.

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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(200 words overall)

This week’s readings discuss the greenhouse effect and Earth’s energy budget, and adds to the material you learned in this week’s lecture.

Your pre-quiz assignment this week was a drawing of the greenhouse effect. Look again at the drawing you made. Compare it to what you learned about the greenhouse effect.

1) Describe any misunderstandings you had about the greenhouse effect before this week’s lesson. What non-scientific ideas did you have, where do you think they came from, and why do you think you never challenged them?

2) Discuss the role that an inaccurate greenhouse effect model can play in someone’s decision-making about climate change. Which aspects of the greenhouse do you think are most important for politicians, voters, and the general public to understand? Explain your thinking.

REPLIES: did you have similar misunderstandings as other students? Do you agree or disagree with others about the importance of understanding the greenhouse effect for decision-makers?

IBIO 202 Homework help please