I want a grammar free essay

I want a grammar free essay.

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Here’s the prompt.

For this paper, I want you to spend the first half presenting Grossman’s thesis and supporting arguments in a book summary. The second half of the paper will have you act as a sociological investigator to understand the high murder rate within organized crime. Are there specific tactics utilized by these gangs that allow for their members to feel more comfortable engaging in homicide? Does this serve as an avenue of critique to the work of Grossman, or is there something here that actually reinforces his thesis?

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your paper needs to be evidence based. This means that you will need to do some outside research to back up your analysis of the phenomenon of gang violence.
  • This is a sociology paper, so it should reflect sociological thinking and utilize concepts from the discipline. The reader should have a clear understanding that you have attended class, done the course readings, and have a strong understanding of the course materials.
  • Students will be graded on:
    · How effectively they summarize the thesis and supporting arguments of Grossman
    · Integration of outside sources to support their points
    · Utilization of course concepts and perspectives
    · Demonstration of an understanding of the sociological perspective
    · Clear articulation of their points and organization of their paper
    · Following the formatting guidelines and prompt instructions
    · Ability to convince the audience of the reasons for the higher homicide rate within gang membership

    MLA Format

I want a grammar free essay