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I want a 6 pages essay. Please read the prompt. I chose the subject “Why are tattoos a popular trend?” is kind of abstaining easy. Tattoo is a reflect for the person and his/ her personality, basically it’s a soul mirror and what they mostly believe in. Some of the cultures prevent people from doing tattoos due to their own believes of either religion or family traditions. They consider it as a non-professional or as the person having a bad behavior and you can’t control him/her attitudes; others also believe that tattoo can harm a person once they are old. Even more, they are consider it as a shame! And for some people, due to their own believes and culture, if a girl has a tattoo, this means that the girl is a shame toward her family and would be avoided by many. On the other side, some of the cultures consider tattoos as art. However, in Many jobs, you can’t apply if you have a tattoo since having a tatto can also be presented as unprofessional; this case scenario can even happen in countries that sees tattoos as art. All of these different opinions depend mostly on where you are from and what country you are from. I am interested in this topic since I have a cousin whom has many tattoos. Yet, our family, to be more specific, my mom, dad and my brother do not like it since they believe that he is representing our family through a way they do not like. In my opinion, it is fine to have a tatto, he didn’t hurt himself nor did he hurt another human being. It is a tattoo, it’s not the end of the world and people need to start respecting others opinions. If you don’t like it, feel free to change it.

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