I need you two write two deferent reaction papers

I need you two write two deferent reaction papers.

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES FOR REACTION PAPERS:Learning activities need to be about psychology. If thelearning activities are not about psychology you will get a 0.1. Read an article from a magazine or journal.2. Read a book related to psychology or selfhelp.3. Watch relevant TV programs & documentaries. A great source for documentaries is www.topdocumentaryfilms.com. Netflix also has many interesting documentaries.4. If you watch Ted Talks or other media online it needs to be at least 40 in. long or you need towatch several related media.List length of programs.5. Attend a relevant lecture, workshop, or conference.6. Watch a movie relevant to psychology. Films On Demand available through the OCC Library website offers many film options.If you watch amovie your comments need to be about how it all relates to psychology, not about story line or acting.7. Interview a professional working in the field of psychology. Prepare by making a list of relevant questions.8. Participate in special learning projectslisted in canvas. (meditation, breaking bad habits, sleep & dreams, and careers in psychology)

1. Identify/describe the learning activity(5 points)Clearly explain what you did (read article, watched documentary, etc.) Include your reasons for choosing this activity or topic.List reference, for example:a.Title of article, author, source, dateb.Title of TV program/documentary, sourcec.Title of Ted Talk or other media, name of speaker, length of programd.Name of place you visited, city, datee.State your activity& dates (interview, project, etc.)f.If you participate in class projects involving meditation, sleep & dreams, or breaking a bad habit include your 2 week log.

2. List 5 statements of informationlearned(10 points)List 5 statements of information or facts you learned about the topic or yourself. Number your statements and make sure they are clearly visible on left margin. Do not imbed them in paragraphs. They need to be complete sentences.

3. Summary(5 points)Summarize your reactions, feelings, and opinions regarding your learning activity. This should be the main part of your paper. I want to know what you got out of the activity and why you responded the way you did. Does this activity/topic relate to your personal life and/or career choice?

I need you two write two deferent reaction papers