I need help to write a Persuasive Essay.

I need help to write a Persuasive Essay..

I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

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This is a topic and essay should have three parts to it:

Part 1: Describe how COVID-19, “shelter in place,” has affected your life, your families’ and communities’ lives – positively, negatively, or both ways?

Part 2: What have you learned about yourselves, your families, communities, and our country from what is happening around us?

Part 3: How would you handle this pandemic if you were the President of the United States or held another powerful position of influence? What new legislature would you pass, if any? Would you create new positions and assign those officials specific tasks to help with the handling of our current situation? If yes, what would those positions be? As you compose this portion of the essay, try to persuade your readers that the solutions you offer are the best solutions possible out there.

For this essay, you DO NOT need to conduct research. However, should you need to look up some numbers online, make sure you properly cite where your numbers came from.

Essay Checklist: Meet the minimum word-count: 1200-1500

I need help to write a Persuasive Essay.