I need help on Python exam about data structure

I need help on Python exam about data structure.

I’m studying for my Python class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

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will be next Monday,(MAY 11)
from 3:30 to 5:30 pm( American Easten Time)

It will run on mycourses, and will be similar in
structure to the midterm test: short answers.

The video from Monday’s review session is now on Canvas.

Here are the topics you should study for the test:

user-defined objects
– __init__ and __str__ methods
– how to define the methods
– how to call the methods

– assigning a mutable object gives you a reference

linked lists
– add_front, add_tail, contains, remove
– with/without sentinels

stacks and queues
– given sequence of push/pop, what is the output
– given the output, what is the sequence of push/pop
– applications
– syntax checking
– infix to postfix
– postfix eval
– postfix to tree

– evaluate postfix expression
– convert infix to postfix

– expression trees (AKA syntax trees)
– infix to tree
– traversal (pre-, post-, and in-order)
– size, height, balance factors
– what are they
– code to implement them

– search, insert
– traversal

– bubble
– insertion
– best-case, worst-case complexity

I need help on Python exam about data structure