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Each of the chapters you’ve read for this week has a section subtitled “A Flash Nonfiction Exercise” or “A Flash Nonfiction Prompt.” Choose one of these exercises/prompts as a jumping-off point for a flash nonfiction essay of no more than 500 words. This should not be a first draft but instead should be the culmination of a number of drafts as you craft the best essay you can by the due date. Do the best job you can on it. Write the author and chapter title of the exercise/prompt you chose in italics at the end of the essay.

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chapter for reading: The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction: “Introduction”; Mysterious, Ambitious, and Intimate” (4 chapters); “No Ideas but in Things” (5 chapters)—pp. XIII-56

link for book: https://read.amazon.com/?asin=B009GK410K

Note that the essay have to be no more than 500 words.