I need a discussion APA format

I need a discussion APA format.

I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study.

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Question I – At the end of a long day, Sabrina, a cashier for a supermarket is counting the paper money. One of the bills falls from the cash register into the bottom of Sabrina’s purse. What elements of embezzlement are present in this situation? Should Sabrina be convicted of embezzlement? Why or why not?

Question II – Fort Thomas Living is a small publishing company located in the Northern Kentucky. Recently, Fort Thomas Living has contracted with several different local writers to publish various magazines and short-story books. Once such transaction involves an exchange of $10,200. Another transaction involves an exchange of $9,600? Are both of these exchanges of money subject to the disclosure requirements of the Money Laundering Control Act?

I need a discussion APA format