How Is a Dissertation Different from a Nursing Term Paper?

DissertationIt may seem that the dissertation is the same nursing term paper, only more in volume. But that’s not the case at all. If the term paper can be done carelessly and just as easily defended, then the thesis requires serious preparation. Here you will have to take the rap in front of the commission, which is not inclined to make big concessions.

Similarities between dissertation and nursing term paper

According to Nursing paper help experts, dissertation is very similar to the term paper in its structure, style of presentation, stages of work and design rules. Due to this, the high-quality completion of several term papers is a good practice for writing a thesis. If the materials of the course work can be included in the dissertation, then this completely facilitates the process of working on the thesis. Let us consider what is the similarity of these types of research work.

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General structure

The thesis resembles a term paper primarily in its structure, that is, in its basic elements. So, if the title page, content, introduction, main part, conclusion and list of references are presented in the course work, then the same elements are present in the thesis. At the same time, the dissertation is divided into sections and subsections in the same way, but there may be more of them. For example, in the thesis of some specialties, in addition to the theoretical and practical chapters, there is an analytical section, while the term paper is usually represented by two chapters.

Same design

Both papers are drawn up in accordance with the requirements, dedicated to the rules for the design of research reports. This means that references, tables, figures, graphs, sections and other elements are arranged in the same way in the works. So if all the necessary rules are learned when writing a term paper, then when writing a dissertation, you will not have to spend separate time studying them.

Uniform style

Although both types of work imply a creative approach, they are still scientific works and require a specific style of presentation. You can’t write in them various liberties that are acceptable in an essay, as well as replace scientific terms with everyday expressions. For example, you can write “during the first stage of the experiment, it was revealed that.” but not “during the first experiment, it seemed to me that.”

Uniformity of work stages

If we compared, say, a thesis with a control, then the stages of writing them would be noticeably different. But in terms of coursework and dissertation, there is no such significant difference. Both works involve the approval of the topic, the selection of literature, the preparation of a work plan, the development of theoretical and practical parts, the preparation of visual material, as well as defense.

The difference between a thesis and a coursework

At the same time, these types of work have significant differences, which determine the time required for their implementation. If a term paper can be prepared in a matter of weeks, then working on a dissertation requires much more time and effort.

Depth of study

The most significant difference between these two works is that they are actually works of different levels. If in the course the student demonstrates the initial skills of processing information and conducting the experimental part, then in the thesis a deep analysis of information is required. Here, own conclusions should already prevail, the ability to competently structure and systematize the material, conduct research, use statistical methods for processing the data obtained, and more should be demonstrated.

Coursework may be more theoretical and have little practical value, while the significance of the thesis comes to the fore. In the dissertation, the future specialist demonstrates all his skills and abilities acquired during long-term studies at the university, including the ability to create value for society. Quite often, thesis papers offer an extensive set of measures to solve a specific problem, while term papers may confine themselves to describing a general approach to solving a problem.


If it is enough to submit a term paper in the amount of 25-30 sheets, then for a dissertation the minimum is 50 sheets (different departments may have their own requirements in terms of specific numbers). The volume of 50-60 sheets is considered average, and large dissertations with a volume of more than 80 sheets may cause not the approval expected by the student, but criticism from the commission. Seeing a large dissertation, some teachers begin to meticulously study it and often find that the student simply failed to highlight the main thing in the topic. The exception is specific work, for which the manager recommended a larger volume.

If you are a master of eloquence who likes to surprise others with his excessive diligence, writing a thesis or term paper is not the case where you have to write out all the interesting quotes found in books or dump a ton of other information on the committee members. Want to excel? Then invest in the experimental part to really create something amazing and useful for science.

Stretching a term paper or a dissertation to the required number of pages with the help of all sorts of tricks like increasing the font and breaking the text into small paragraphs is also not worth it. In term paper, this can reduce the grade, and the thesis and not be allowed to defend at all.

Number and quality of sources

Coursework involves a smaller number of sources than a dissertation, and their quality is often less stringent requirements. However, a lot here depends on the teacher himself, so you should not relax too much. It is best to follow the recommendations for completing term papers and theses that are given in the teaching aids of your university.

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