Honorable Hazel Jones

I need support with this Law question so I can learn better.


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Try to find case law that this is not right and site it in Texas

Cause number 1556196

Dear Honorable Hazel Jones

The prosecutor Aaron Burdette called. Me a boy to my attorney John pertruzzi telling your boy is going to make bond first and foremost that’s a racial slur and he have also tried to pressure me into a plea agreement first he offered me 10 years than came down to 5 years to TDCJ. He have vigorously tried to come up with charges against me to forced me to sign a plea deal and he have also offered my co defendant probation to testify against I have a affidavit showing that Mr Harrison doesn’t no anything but they bullied him to sign for probation just like they are bullying me he have threatened to file charges against my wife if I don’t sign.


J B Black

Can you also include that on November 4 2019 you instructed me to turn off my cellphone services Sgt. L. Spires came ant removed from my property without probale cause nor without a warrant to search and seizure which is a violation of my rights please state 4th amendment rights I think