homework using Photoshop

homework using Photoshop.

I’m studying and need help with a Graphic Design question to help me learn.

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Attached Files:

Here are a group of individual photos of the members of the Arianna String Quartet.

In the iPad version of the clendar, I used each of these photos twice. Once cropped down to 100 pixels by 225 pixels and once 100 pixels square.The images should also be similar in tone. Kurt looks a little washed out when compared to John (they both have black suits on). Julia looks a little green.

Adjust the tones in Kurt and Julia’s images so they seem more consistent with the others. I would do this with an Adjustment Layer then save the file as a .psd.

Crop the images to the 100 x 225 pixels at 72 ppi and save them as <their name> <your name> 1.jpg.

Next, go back to your saved .psd files and crop out head shots that are 100 pixels square at 72 ppi. Try and get their heads to be roughly the same size, maybe two-thirds of the file height. Save these files as <their name> <your name> 2.jpg.

Finally, combine all of these into one file like we did with the original head shots, the number 1 files across the top and the number 2 files below them. Attach this single file to this assignment. You can leave a little space between the images if you want, just make sure to add this extra space in to the Canvas Size when you change it.

homework using Photoshop