history answers only.

history answers only..

I’m studying and need help with a History question to help me learn.

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Q1 (Timerman book): compose a reflection essay and consider any of the following questions in your response: How is it possible that a nation with democratic institutions like Argentina could plunge into a totalitarian predicament described by Timerman in Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number? Do you agree with the Argentine military’s assessment that they are justified in governing the nation instead of civilian politicians? How would you react if you had to face a similar predicament like that of Timerman’s? What lessons can other nations, including the United States, learn from this episode in Latin American history and politics?

Q2. What is populism? Provide at least two examples that demonstrate how populism functioned in Latin America.


1. no copy paste from internet . Answer to question 1 can be from this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1850vRWOumKFxPPJza…

and answer to question 2 can be from any source

2. Just no plagirism and i just need exact answers to these questions

history answers only.