Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (HBOC) including BRCA 1/2 Gene Mutation

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Create a minimum 9 slide PowerPoint Presentation about Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (HBOC) including BRCA 1/2 Gene Mutation. Minimum of 3 references must be provided. All references and in text citations must be in APA Format, if photos are included they MUST be cited as well. Below is the information needed for each slide. Additional slides may be added for any topic, they must be labeled with as continued, for example: “Diagnosis, continued”

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  • Slide 1 – Title page (APA recommendation: The title of your presentation, your name and the course.)
  • Slide 2 – Diagnosis-Provide the name of your diagnosis. This is the name of your topic. Provide a definition and description of the diagnosis. Define all terms in your diagnosis. For example, if your diagnosis was malignant pancreatic cancer, you would define malignant, pancreas and cancer.
  • Slide 3 – Signs and Symptoms-What are the signs and symptoms of this condition? What do patients experience that made them seek medical attention? Make sure you describe the signs and symptoms and don’t just provide a list.
  • Slide 4 – Tests-The tests must be named, described and explained. Explain how the test results were used to diagnosis your patient. Talk about what was abnormal in the tests results and why this would indicate a disease process.
  • Slide 5 – Cause/s-What is the cause of this condition?For example, genetics, environment, micro-organisms, lifestyle? Discuss information that relates to the cause. For example, if you list lifestyle, then include specific information about the lifestyle. Risk factors that may lead to the development of the disease must also be discussed.
  • Slide 6 – Preventative Measures-What can be done to help prevent the condition from developing? If there is no specific prevention, then talk about any factors that may help prevent the condition.
  • Slide 7 – Treatments-The treatments must be named, defined, described and explained. How does this treatment help? Be sure to include any relevant information about treatments that may be performed to help reduce the severity of the consequences of the disease. For example, physical therapy or medications that can be taken to help relieve the symptoms. Medications must be named and described. Include information about how they work or what they do.
  • Slide 8 – Quality of life-How does this condition affect the quality of life? Examples: Do they have side effects from medications? Costs of on-going treatments? Cost concerns? Are they limited in mobility? What affect would having this condition interfere with their daily activities of life?
  • Slide 9 – References-A minimum of three references are required. APA format required. No Wikepedia. If you use any pictures, the reference must be cited on the picture, but these will not count towards the three required references. You can use your textbook. Check out Mayo Clinic website, WebMd, .org, .edu or .gov websites.

See attached document for full assignment instructions