Helping with my part: “Methodology” of Qualitative research

Helping with my part: “Methodology” of Qualitative research.

I’m trying to learn for my Marketing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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The requirement for Methodology part that i’m working on is to look up what age group social media influencers are getting brand deals from their brand like dollar shave from “Unilever” that should be on the younger side. The research is on social media users. I will write up a survey and share it to my friends/followers. That is my sample. Also, look up “Unilever” Let’s say that Dollar shave is my brand. Look up their target. Make sure when you do research. Make 2 references on APA format. I have already wrote what methods in my part on File: “data methods” but Part 1 shows the rest that are give the idea of the tobic.

Helping with my part: “Methodology” of Qualitative research