Help with assignment

Help with assignment.

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Assignment Content

Question 1

125 Points

Assignment Instructions

Week 1 Assignment: Individual

Please Post As A Microsoft Word Attachment

This week’s assignment will help acquaint you with the concept of systems thinking through some general questions.

1. Explain and discuss the concept of systems thinking.

2. Explain and give an example of the difference between silo thinking and systems thinking

3. Provide one example of where you could apply systems thinking that would positively affect your current work environment.

Required Format

1. Title Page APA Format

2. Introduction

3. Purpose of Systems Thinking (Level 1 APA Heading)

4. Difference Between Systems Thinking and Silo Thinking (Level 1 APA Heading)

5. Applying Systems Thinking in My Work Environment (Level 1 APA Heading)

6. Conclusion

Help with assignment