genetics excel hw

genetics excel hw.

Homework assignment is on page 6. Please complete all parts of the questions.
Any calculations must be submitted with the final assignment back to me.
You must calculate a t-test, mean, variance, and regression coefficient for both data set of height and total ridge. all calculates must be typed out. Formulas are included in the packet.
This assignment includes making a graph on excel, please read requirements on page 5. two graphs have to be made one for height and the other for total ridge. you must calculate heritability and type your calculations.
Last part of the paper requires finding a scientific paper on heritability. Again please refer to page 5 for all requirements and questions that have to be answered. you must attach the paper of your choosing and submit back to be.
Please submit:
All typed calculations. please separate each calculation with a heading. one page should be for all height calculations and another page for total ridge count.
All of question 1.
All of question 2. *** you have to repeat this question twice. I should have to graphs.
All of question 3. answer question and include paper in submission.

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genetics excel hw