Evidenced based violence healthcare related problem

Evidenced based violence healthcare related problem.

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Evidenced Based Violence Healthcare Related Problem Paper (20% of the Final Grade)

Evidence Based Violence in Healthcare Related Problem Paper Guidelines:

1. Each student will select a specific violence in healthcare related problem (lateral, bullying, verbal and physical aggression, threatening words or actions, sexual harassment, and physical assaults). (10%)
2. Identify the magnitude of the problem to the degree that it is known, based on peer-
reviewed literature and other resources. (15%)

3. Discuss: (25%)
• Operational definition;
• Characteristics;
• Risk factors for the problem;
• Effects/outcomes (e.g., health, quality of life, cost);
• Reporting procedures;
• Potential intervention/treatment strategies for prevention and control of the problem:
– The Federal Role
– The State Role
– Collaborating Community Services/interdisciplinary collaboration

4. Apply Strategies learned from online discussions, textbook readings, or assigned journal articles: (15%)
• Identify the most appropriate potential intervention and prevention strategies for the selected violence-related problem, based on your knowledge of the most successful approaches that you feel are warranted.
• Justify your position.

5. Critique current available research data and identify further research needs and
efforts. (15%)

The paper will be evaluated for content including completeness of the discussion and analysis related to numbers 2-5 above. In addition, organization, grammatical construction, rhetoric, and appropriate use of references and resources will be considered in the total evaluation.

Length of Paper: Approximately seven to ten pages (quality, not quantity, is important); typed; double-spaced and APA formatting used.

Grading of Paper:
Content 80%
Organization, Grammatical Construction, and Rhetoric 10%

Citing References/Resources: At least 3 professional references, one must be from a nursing journal (use sources not older than 5 years ) 10%

Evidenced based violence healthcare related problem