Ethical dilemma Report (Uber)

Ethical dilemma Report (Uber).

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The work here will include a written report that will reflect your research. The report should be a Word document, 12 pt, times-new-roman font, and about 10+ pages (double spaced) in length, excluding any statistics or detail that would be more appropriate in an Appendix. All non-original work is to be cited (e.g., APA format). You are gonna work on 2-3 pages only answering the questions below!

The ethical dilemma:

  • Passenger and Driver Safety– there have been many reports of sexual assault, and even reports of deaths from UBER rides

Mazen Alashwal

  • How did Leadership respond? Initially? Later on?
  • Were there missed opportunities (e.g., cover up, lack of communication, lack of understanding) early on?
  • Was the response appropriate and timely enough?
  • Are there any major organizational changes as a result of the business ethics issue(s)?

Ethical dilemma Report (Uber)