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Comparison of Wen Yiduo and Xu Zhimo

Poetic creation cannot isolate from the times and backgrounds of society. Wen Yiduo and Xu Zhimo participated in the development of new poetry from the proposition of poetic revolution to vernacular poetry of Hushi. They started to focus on crescent poetry and its rationale, especially the “three beauties”: music beauty, painting beauty and architectural beauty, which would be the evidence for comparison on the poems of Xu Zhimo and Wen Yiduo.

Wen Yiduo and Xu Zhimo both are the representatives of crescent poetry, but their poems demonstrate great differences. From the themes and contents, Wen Yidu’s poems mostly are patriotic, expressing the passionate love for country, which seems to be a soldier’s sincerity; while, Xu Zhimo’s mostly are love poems, depicting the tender and romantic sentiments, which show him a bel-esprit with amorous feelings. If we say Wen Yiduo takes the poems as a way to satire the real society and reach out his ideal, Xu Zhimo is the one who create poems with his life. Specific to the “three beauty” artistic pursuit: in music beauty, Wen Yiduo’s poetry rhythm is bright, syllable in order, and the voice is strong; but Xu Zhimo preferred the beautiful melody of fresh and pure rhythm. In the painting beauty, Wen used rhetoric to create magnificent but dignified picture which made his poems a western oil painting; Xu loved to put feelings on daily things so as to build a kind of deep message of artistic conception, which made his poems a Chinese free sketch painting. In architectural beauty, Wen pursued symmetry, making poems like a piece of toufu, square founder; Xu paid more attention on the change ups and downs based on the order, giving readers a flexible feeling.

On the whole, Wen Yiduo’s poems show his strong love for motherland and calm thinking of the real world which strictly abide by “three beauties” the real problem. Xu Zhimo’s poems are mainly to express spirit, the pure belief of religiousness, and eagerly pursuit for love. The differences are highly related to their personalities and lifestyle. Wen took deep thinkings about his social roles (a Chinese citizen, a father, a intellectual, etc.) and tried his best to take responsibility for them; while, Xu would like to find the nature and romance of the world, then pursuing a life with imagination.