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A bridge inverter has an RLC load with R=10Ω, L=31.5mH, and C=112µF. The

inverter frequency, fo = 60Hz and dc input voltage, VS = 220V.
a) Express the instantaneous load current in Fourier series.
Calculate the
b) Rms load current at the fundamental frequency, I1
c) Harmonic factor of load current, HF
d) Power absorbed by the load, Po
e) The average current of dc supply, IS
f) Rms and peak current of each transistor
Calculate the conduction time of the
g) Transistors
h) Diodes

A three-phase inverter has a wye connected resistive load of R = 10Ω.

The inverter frequency is fo = 60Hz and the dc input voltage is Vs =

a) Express the instantaneous line-to-line voltage, vab(t) , and line current, ia(t), in a Fourier series.
Determine the;
b) Rms line voltage, VL
c) Rms phase voltage, Vp
d) Rms line voltage at the fundamental frequency, VL1
e) Rms phase voltage at the fundamental frequency, VP1
f) Total harmonic distortion, THD
g) Distortion factor, DF
h) Harmonic factor and distortion factor of the lowest order harmonic
i) Load power, PO
j) Average transistor current, ID
k) Rms transistor current, IR