Econ 430 War on Drugs

Econ 430 War on Drugs.

Subject: Econ 430 War on Drugs

Your topic should be on public policy. The project must state why the topic selected is important to you.

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You will be required to write a short integrative bibliographical paper of no more than seven (7) pages for this course. This short paper will consist of eight journal articles or working papers regarding issues in:

  1. Drug Policies;

  2. Economic Analysis;

  3. Economic Historical Analysis;

  4. Medical History;

  5. Scientific Analysis;

  6. International Diplomacy; and/or

  7. Social and Philosophical Analysis.

The bibliographical selection may address topics from the examples listed below:

  1. A critique of the drug policy in the United States (shortcomings, reduction of supply of drugs, treatment options, etc.);

  2. Legitimate historical use of drugs: opium and cocaine;

  3. Comparative international policies;

  4. Historical analysis of policies in different countries;

  5. Socio-Economic analysis of drug policies;

  6. International Drug Cartels and their Activities / Violence and Corruption;

  7. European colonialism and the drug trade in history; and

  8. Foreign Trade

Econ 430 War on Drugs