discussion response-100words

discussion response-100words.

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These two ads are from Dove, advertising shampoo. The one on the left is for women, and the one on the right is for men. There are many examples of gender roles, which is society’s concept of how different people are expected to look and act in both of the ads (Lumen Learning. (n.d.) Introduction to Sociology. Gender: Section 3 Gender and Socialization). For example, the women’s ad uses the word beautiful, because society expects all women to be beautiful. The company most likely chose this word to show women that their product could help them fit into what society wants them to be. The men’s ad implies that men are supposed to be strong, which is another gender stereotype that society expects of men.

The symbolic interactionism theory is a theory that strives to understand human behavior by analyzing the role of symbols in human interactions (Lumen Learning. (n.d.) Introduction to Sociology. Theories of Gender and Sex: Section 3 Theoretical Perspectives on Gender). Someone from this perspective would ask what would make a man or woman buy the shampoo marketed towards them based on these ads. Symbolic interactionists would look at the symbols within the ads, such as the model with the long hair in the women’s ad, and the fact that the man is playing sports in the men’s ad. These are both socially-created symbols that I believe would make each gender want to buy from this company because it would make a woman feel like the model in the ad, and would make the man feel masculine like the ad portrays.

Image result for shampoo advertisements (With images) | Repair shampoo, Dove  shampoo, ShampooDove Men+Care Asks: Is your hair strong enough to take on your daily tasks?  - YouTube

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discussion response-100words