Discussion Questions Nursing Research

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Ruth M. Tappen. (2015).Nursing Research. Advanced Nursing Research: From Theory to Practice. (2nd ed.). ISBN-13: 9781284048308. ISBN-10: 1284048306. Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Chapter 14: Data Collection, Testing and Observation

Chapter 15: Data Collection, Interviewing

Based on your readings, please answer the following discussion question.

What are the challenges encountered in data collection as it applies to research?

What are the types of interview technique when interviewing participants? List your preferences and tell us why?

*-APA 6th edition guidelines.

*-Resources must support your statements.

*-A minimum of 250 words

*Also , please elaborate 2 responses based on the above topic with a minimum of 150 words and reference as if you were to reply to two peers.