Discussion: Leadership Style

Discussion: Leadership Style.

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Instructions: Read the following quotation and questions. Remember to post at least one original response to the questions as well as two replies to your classmates. Also make sure to vote up responses (you can do this by clicking the ‘+’ sign in the comment box of the discussion forum) that you like and are of high quality.

Managing People:

“A friend of mine once told me about a time when he went to his boss for some advice. Being a new leader, he figured that his boss would have some insightful tips on how to manage. What he got was what most mangers think but never say: “If it were not for the people, my job would be easy.” Now, that’s a bit glib and unrealistic but out of all the management challenges, nothing comes close to managing people.” -Exerpt adapted from DailyMBA

  • Do you think managing people is challenging? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever had a bad manager? What made them so poor?
  • What about a good manager? Why were they effective?
  • Do you agree with the five talents the article suggests good managers have?
  • Is that all it takes or is there more to it?
  • Do these managers have to be selected as they are or can you train them to be better?

Incorporate aspects of the leadership theories from the text into your responses to show how a good or bad manager applies the different competencies that are relevant.

Discussion: Leadership Style