Discussion Board : Climate Change

I’m trying to learn for my Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

You must post two or three sentences of summary text and a link to a website that contains an argument disputing the scientific consensus that human activity, specifically the increases emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, is the primary cause of global warming over the past century.

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This is one of the few Discussion Boards where you can read other postings before you put up a posting. But please note that the postings are on a first come, first serve basis, and you SHOULD NOT use the same website as anyone who posts before you. (Using a repeat website from someone who went before you will result in a five point deduction.) I also prefer that you do your best to also find new and different arguments than those who post before you. However, I will accept repeat arguments so long as the website source is different. You can receive up to 12.5 points for this posting.

We will be using these discussion board posts as the basis of some class discussion , so have your arguments on the ready. You also will be returning to these arguments for your next discussion board assignment. (Hint, the scientific consensus about greenhouse gases is the scientific consensus for a reason… and I personally have yet to encounter an argument against this consensus that can stand up to critical scrutiny. Therefore, your next assignment will be to identify and discuss problems about whatever argument you are posting here.)