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In this discussion topic, we will explore some resources that are designed to help students understand the concept of a literature review. Please browse these resources and then complete the discussion post below:Ted Zorn and Nittaya Campbell, “Improving the Writing of Literature Reviews through Literature Integration Exercise”

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Find two additional research studies through UMUC’s OneSearch that report on your semester topic (each representing a different perspective). After locating the articles, please cite APA style, and then annotate each one (in ONE paragraph) using the following formula:

1. Author name(s)

2. Title of study

3. Purpose of study (1 – 2 sentences)

4. Methodology of study (refer to previous discussion for criteria)

5. Conclusion(s) of study (1 – 2 sentences)

6. Strengths/weaknesses of article (consider author credentials; methodology/structure of study; date; contribution to the overall subject discussion) (2 – 3 sentences)

****attached are 4 resources to choose from. Unless you have access to UMUC library.