Discuss the origins of Keo Beer

Discuss the origins of Keo Beer.

I need an explanation for this Geography question to help me study.

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There are plenty of examples on the internet. I would like you to just write the solution in your own words, NOT copying what is on the internet. Max one page double spaced.

I hope you will find the Keo beer problem to be an interesting puzzle which encourages you to look carefully at a visual and to do a little bit of historical research on the relationship between Greece and Turkey relative to the island of Cyprus.Here is the problem in a nutshell: Given a photocopy of a beer label and your own ingenuity, can you figure out whether Keo Beer is of Greek or Turkish origin? You may approach the problem in any way you like. You should certainly pay close attention to the label. Can you spot any visual clues? You should also read sections on Cyprus in the text. Any other steps you wish to take I leave up to you! What I would like from you is a short written statement in which you provide an answer to the question posed and justify it. You must explain your reasoning. I don’t want you to tell me that it is a Cypriot beer—although that answer makes perfect sense. Your only two options are Greek or Turkish. Please type your response and send it as an attachment. Alternatively, you may paste your response directly in the text box. To access the drop box, hover over the underlined live link that says “Keo Beer Assignment” and click on it. Your response should not exceed 1 page double spaced. The assignment is due on Monday, June 22 by 11:30 PM EST and is worth 50 points. The label is found below. Please email me with any questions about assignment. Happy researching!

Discuss the origins of Keo Beer