CYB 205 Software Foundations For Cybersecurity

CYB 205 Software Foundations For Cybersecurity.


1.Analyze the results of your scan and detail anything noteworthy.

a.Ensure “Safe Checks” is enabled in Settings (gear icon in top right corner), under Advanced

b.Create a new scan policy – use the Basic Network Scan and kept all the defaults

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c.You are now ready to scan

NMAP Lab Instructions

NMAP is a reconnaissance tool used for vulnerability assessment of a network and the host(s) connected to it. NMAP is capable of detection evasion, running scripts, OS fingerprinting, port scan, and more.

1. Read the Docs (seriously):

a. Google “NMAP”

b. There is a lovely website dedicated to NMAP that is one of the best online resources. Go to it.

c. Find the “Docs” page on the website.

d. Click on the correct reference guide (select your language).

e. Screenshot the reference page.

i. Explore the Docs. QUESTION: What are three things NMAP can do that would be helpful to an attacker and why?

2. Read the Docs Cont’d.:

a. An alternative to reading the online docs is to read the man page in terminal.

b. Man pages are basically the more in-depth version of the Windows Command Prompt help pages.

c. To open a man page:

i. Open a fresh terminal in your Kali box.

ii. Type: man

iii. What showed up? 

1. If you want to open the manual page for NMAP, what word should you type after man?

2. Type it.

d. Skim the man page, take a screenshot, and answer the questions:

i. What does the “-sn” flag do?

ii. What do the following flags do (Hint: they’re all grouped together):

1. “-sN”:

2. “-sF”:

3. “-sX”:

4. What is an Xmas scan used for? (Google it)

iii. What does the “-sV” flag do?

iv. What does the “-O” flag do?

v. What does the “-A” flag do?

3. Play with it:

a. Run the command below – this scan is against a webserver owned by NMAP, provided to the public to test their program (it’s legal):

i. nmap -v -A

ii. Screen shot the results and explain what they mean (Google things!).

iii. What did you see? (Screenshot it/part of it)

iv. What ports are open and what services are using them?

v. What OS does the host use?

b. Screenshot and label the scan results.

4. Questions (use Google to answer these, and provide citations):

a. Why would a port scan be important to a hacker? 

b. Are there any systems on this network running Linux? If so, how many?

c. What service runs on port 22?

d. Is NMAP a valuable tool to a penetration tester? Why?  

5. Run at least (4) flags and provide screenshots. Explain what is happening in the screenshots and why it would be important to a penetration tester. 

CYB 205 Software Foundations For Cybersecurity