CS-3323 Chapter 5 assignment

CS-3323 Chapter 5 assignment.

I’m trying to learn for my C Programming class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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Implement a linked list using dynamic memory. the program should contain the following member function and prompt the user to input the values.

void insert_at_start(int);
void insert_at_end(int);
void insert_before_node_value(int);
void insert_after_node_value(int);
void delete_at_start_value();
void delete_at_end_value();
void delete_before_node_value(int);
void display();

upload your complied program contain a header/interface file, implementation file and the driver/test file.

also upload the CMD/CLI screen shot of the result after execution of the program.

Two students can work together and submit the code, ensure each of submit the code and results individually and the file name should contain the last name of both the students.

CS-3323 Chapter 5 assignment