Creating Basic Data-Based Prediction Models With Python

Creating Basic Data-Based Prediction Models With Python.

I’m trying to study for my Python course and I need some help to understand this question.

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Attached is the information needed to complete these assignments.

Assignment 1.[15 Points] Write a Python function that takes a file name, as a string s, on input and, when called with s = ’CTA-Ridership-L-Station-Entries-Daily-Totals.csv’ reads in all data contained in the file. You are strongly encouraged to use the Pandas module for this task (as illustrated in lecture notes) but you are free to write your own CSV file reader, if you want. The function you write to complete Assignment 1 will be used to complete the subsequent assignments below.

Assignment 2.[15 Points] Write a function that prints to screen the average number of rides, for all months, for the UIC-Halsted (station id = 40350) train station. Use the solution from Assignment 1 to access the data.

Creating Basic Data-Based Prediction Models With Python