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Your consultation:

Provide Trent advice on how to draw up his business plan. Given the information in the case, be as comprehensive as possible in describing what it should include. Whenever feasible, make suggestions regarding financial requirements, paying particular attention to the seasonal nature of the business.

Items that you’re requiredto help him with in advance of his meeting with the banker:

oStart by building a SWOT analysis of Trent’s business. Each quadrant should have a minimumof 3 items. – 10 pts

oOutline the 10 components of a Business Plan to help Trent prepare – 5 pts

§ You’re not required to derive any specific details, merely explain to him in a sentence or less (per component) what is needed to compile each component.

oGive your recommendations to Trent on the following specific areas – 25 pts:

§ What product line should he focus on growing top line growth?

§ Which product (or products) should he consider adjusting the gross profit%?

§ How should he plan to spend any additional funds he requests from the bank?

§ Provide him an estimate of how much money he should ask from the banker in the form of a loan. Justify your reason for the loan amount.

oComplete the first-year financial statement – 10 pts

§ Excel spreadsheet is on Blackboard – complete all yellowhighlighted items.

§ How close is he to running out of cash? Can you provide any ideas on how to reduce his cash expenditures?

§Please note that I’ve provided the gross margin %’s. These will need to be converted to COGS% (1- gross margin %) in the spreadsheet