Consequences of Breach

Consequences of Breach.

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M4A2 Evaluate the consequences of a breach of healthcare ethics.

Complete the module readings. Compose an essay of at least 500 words.

The first six principles of the AHIMA Code of Ethics are pledges to uphold canons and conduct that relate to HIPAA privacy and security standards and related compliance legislation.

For each of these principles

  1. Draw connections between the principle and HIPAA standards and related legislation.
  2. Evaluate the consequences ( personal, civil, and criminal) that could occur when the principle is violated.

Provide use case examples where this has occurred, or synthesize what you have learned in this course to construct examples.

Demonstrate that you completed the assigned reading and understand it by using information from at least two of the given resources in addition to the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Include citations (in-text or parenthetical (Author, date)) in statements that include the thoughts or words of your source(s). Provide a reference list in APA format.

Consequences of Breach