communication 124 : DB 3

communication 124 : DB 3.

Help me study for my Communications class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

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culture shock

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Chapter 5: Personal Experience of Culture Shock: After reading Chapter 5, reflect on a personal experience of transition (for example, from high school to college, first day on the job, or moving to a different location) and post one thoughtful response to the following questions:

  • Describe a specific event or situation in which you experienced strong feelings during your transition period. (provide details)
  • What stage of the revised W-shape adjustment model do you believe you were experiencing at the time? Why? (provide details)

Chapter 6: HCC and LCC: After reading Chapter 6, reflect on your own personal experiences in speaking with different others and post one thoughtful response to the following questions:

  • Describe a personal experience in which you interacted with someone speaking with a different style (e.g., you used HCC and the person with whom you were speaking used LCC). Provide details
  • What could you have done (cognitively and behaviorally) that would have made the interaction go more smoothly? Provide Details

communication 124 : DB 3