Carbohydrates, Protein & Lipids

Carbohydrates, Protein & Lipids.

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Visit the grocery store or look at food products online:

  • Check the breakfast cereal food labels.

Find three cereals with a high dietary fiber content (greater than 10% of the Daily Value).After gathering information in table below, discuss in paragraph form techniques to boost one’s dietary fiber intake.

  • Compare the P/S (polyunsaturated/saturated) ratio of butter and different margarines, including stick, tub, and squeezable.

Calculate the P/S ratio simply by dividing the grams of saturated fat into those of polyunsaturated fat.

Report the brands of margarine with the highest P/S ratio.

Collect information on the type (ingredients) of oil used in each of the brands.

After gathering information in table below, discuss in paragraph form the types of margarines and oils to use to lower the risk of coronary heart disease, as well as hydrogenation.

  • Compare various meats for fat grams per serving, compare ground turkey, turkey hot dogs, chicken breasts, breaded chicken breasts, ground beef, and various brands of lunchmeats by looking at the food labels.

After completing the table below discuss in paragraph form: were the poultry products lower in fat grams per serving than red meats?Did breaded products contain the most fat grams per serving?What percentage of lunchmeats were fat?

  • Determine what plant sources of protein are available.Complete the table with food product brand/type, sources of plant protein , and approximate cost per unit.

Discuss in paragraph form ways in which these items could be incorporated in a meal; focus on complementation.This could include developing a recipe or combining various food items to make an appetizing, protein-complementary meal.

Compare the price of one serving of animal protein and one serving of a plant protein.


Product Name


Total Carbs

Total Fiber

First 3 Ingredients



Product Brand/Type:

Polyunsaturated Fat

Saturated Fat


Type of oils listed in ingredients

Fats: Meats

Product Brand/Type:

Total Fat

Fat grams /serving

Type of fats listed in ingredients


Product Brand/Type:

Total grams Protein

Serving size


Carbohydrates, Protein & Lipids