Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence.

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Must have this book to complete the assignment:

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey

  • Author: Broder & Tucker
  • Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Edition: 4th
  • ISBN: 978-0123822338

Conduct Internet and other research on competitive intelligence in the business environment. Among the Web Sites you may wish to visit is the “Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals” site at (Links to an external site.) Also refer back to the Week 4 reading material on “Information Assets Protection” and check out an article on the subject at CSO Online: “What Is Corporate Espionage-Inside the Murky World of Private Spying.” (Links to an external site.)

Then prepare a two-page paper outlining your perspectives on what defines the line between the ethical practice of competitive intelligence (e.g., market research) and industrial espionage (assumed to be unethical). Give examples and list the references you used in preparation of this assignment.

Business Intelligence