bus Statistics & Data Analytic disccsion board

bus Statistics & Data Analytic disccsion board.

I’m trying to study for my Statistics course and I need some help to understand this question.

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write a short disccsion on this two option

Option 1:

These days warranty cards are used to gather a lot of potentially valuable data [yet, irrelevant for warranty purposes] on the purchasers – data such as income, age, gender, … I demonstrated this in my Chapter 1 Recorded Lecture.

Go find a different warranty card and do the following –

Post a copy of the warranty card to your group discussion board

  1. Select some the non-warranty related data requested and –
    1. Identify the type of data
    2. Identify the level of measurement

Option 2:

Go find a graph or chart from a website or publication that you find ‘tells a really great story’ or find one that you find is very confusing or misleading. In either case, explain what like or don’t like about the graph or chart you select. Be sure to provide a reference for the graph or chart you chose.

bus Statistics & Data Analytic disccsion board