BMG discussion – design

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Using an actual company or a concept you are interested in (or the company you are using for your final project or presentation), apply three different methods from design chapter and apply to refine your idea/chosen existing company. Customer Insight, Ideation, One of your choosing. Think of how it applies and how you would test.

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  1. Consumer Insights – What is CI and how could this apply this to your concept? Start with who is the consumer in your model?
  2. Ideation – First, What “Epicenter of BM Innovation” do you identify with and how does it apply to your concept. For example, if you are a finance major, you may be “finance-driven”. Second, what are 3 “what if “questions you are asking about your business model?
  3. Visual thinking – using the method in the text, visually tell your story about a broad essence of the opportunity you are working on. This should be fun, draw a picture.
  4. Prototyping – How many business model prototypes you can come up with (no more than 3), this is an extension of the Patterns discussion. You may draw on a business model canvas or summarize in a paragraph.
  5. Story Telling – What Technique do you believe will be most effective to tell your story and why?
  6. Scenarios – Outline in a way you feel comfortable, what are Future Scenarios and new Business Models that may affect your concept?