Black Studies exam

Black Studies exam.

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10 questions

1.Discuss In Detail the Dred Scott Supreme court decision 2. Discuss in detail the emancipation proclamation of 1863 and why was it so controversial? 3. Discuss in detail the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment to the constitution of the Unites States?4.Discuss in detail the 1892 plessy Vs Ferguson and 1854 Brown Vs Board of Education, Topeka Ks Supreme Court Decision? 5.Discuss in Detail the work of Booker T washington and WEB DuBois. and what was meanth by the terms the Talented Tenth and Industrial Agriculture Education? 6.Discuss tin details the Origin and purpose of the Pan African Congress. 7.Discuss in detail A. Phillip Randolph and his proposed march on washington in 1941 and President Roosevelt Executive or 8802. 8.Discuss the Tuskegee Study and Angelo Herndon Court Case of 1932 and the Scottsboro Boys Case of 1931. 9.Discuss in detail Marcus Garvey and the Formation of the united negro improvement Association (UNA) 10. Discuss in detail the 1947 NAACP Petition to the united nations authored by WEB DuBois.

Each answer should at least be a paragraph long

Black Studies exam