Biology 19585237

Biology 19585237.

Please answer the following questions. 
1.  Describe the different stages of meiosis
2.  In a certain hypothetical animal, the allele G   is responsible for green skin, g is for purple skin color; B is black hair   and b is for brown hair.  If a male animal with the genotype   GgBb is crossed with a female animal with the genotype GgBb,     determine the phenotypic ratio of the offspring’s.  Show how you arrived at the ratio using a punned square.
3. Hemophilia in humans is an X-linked recessive   disorder. Using a punnet square, show the results of mating between a   normal (non-carrier) female and a hemophilic male? What percentage of their   offspring’s are hemophilic?
4. What are linked genes? Are they an exception to Mendel’s  law of Segregation? Why or why not?
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Biology 19585237