Been Framed assignment

Been Framed assignment.

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I’ve Been Framed

You will be working individually to complete the tasks for this learning activity.. You will work with the political frame of Bolman and Deal’s (2017) four frames. Compose your individual post based on the political frame. Together, you and your team will analyze and synthesize in depth one of the four organizational reference frames. You will become the team of experts for the political frame remainder of the course, and will be expected to bring the frame’s perspective into class discussions, readings, assignments, etc.

This activity will familiarize you with the framing process and provide your classmates with another tool to understand it better as well as provide the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of one of the four frames through collaborative discussion with a smaller group of peers. In sum, using multiple lenses to view organizations may be helpful if you are to understand complex problems and propose workable change.

On your own, provide the following in your post:

  1. Definition of your frame (simple but comprehensive enough to help a lay person understand the frame). Include key elements and terminology for your frame.
  2. Give real world examples in education of your frame in practice.
  3. Choose a television show or movie with a protagonist or main antagonist who best illustrates your frame. Explain why.

Each group member should answer the questions separately. Through your peer responses, you should come up with a consensus definition of your frame and terms, real world examples, and television show example. Post your individual responses today.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Textbook Reading

Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership (Bolman & Deal, 2017)
  • Chapter 15: Integrating Frames for Effective Practice
  • Chapter 16: Reframing in Action – Opportunities and Perils

For Monday’s discussion post, “I’ve Been Framed,” you will need to have read one of the following sections in the text. Select the section that corresponds with your frame determined in Week 1.

  • Part Two: The Structural Frame
    • Chapter 3: Getting Organized
    • Chapter 4: Structure and Restructuring
    • Chapter 5: Organizing Groups and Teams
  • Part Three: The Human Resource Frame
    • Chapter 6: People and Organizations
    • Chapter 7: Improving Human Resource Management
    • Chapter 8: Interpersonal and Group Dynamics
  • The Political Frame
    • Chapter 9: Power, Conflict, and Coalition
    • Chapter 10: The Manager as Politician
    • Chapter 11: Organizations as Political Arenas and Political Agents
  • The Symbolic Frame
    • Chapter 12: Organizational Symbols and Culture
    • Chapter 13: Culture in Action
    • Chapter 14: Organization as Theater

Been Framed assignment