Assignment BUSN 320

Assignment BUSN 320.

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Assignment Instructions

Grade Rubric (attached)

Please review the grading rubric provided prior to submitting your assignment.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamentals of e-Business
  • Discuss the role of e-Business in practical business applications


Explain the business aspect ingredients of drivers, directions, network operations, structures, and models. Use examples to illustrate.


Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 8-10 slides, supported with credible references and corresponding in-text citations. References should be in APA format. You must either do speaker notes or create a video of your presentation and include a link of the video with your submission.

The attached rubric will be used to evaluate your submission. Be sure to refer to it.

You must submit your assignment as a PowerPoint (.ppt) attachment on the Assignments tab for the week.Assignments submitted in any other manner will not be accepted.

Assignment BUSN 320