Assignment #5: Final APA Style Paper (Revision #2)

Assignment #5: Final APA Style Paper (Revision #2).

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

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Put the finishing touches on your paper. If you have been keeping up with your revisions, you shouldn’t have too many changes to make!

Submit the Final Version of your paper. Be sure that you have made all the necessary revisions from Draft #1 and Revision #1.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t add any “literature review”-type entries to your discussion section (tempting for some students to do), unless you are just making comparisons to your hypothesis (“this finding supports the Smith 2002 finding that people living in rural areas are more likely to reject gun control.”)
  • Discuss your findings and possibly some suggestions for future research based upon your research.
  • Be sure your Reference section does not include any references that have not been cited in your literature review. If they have not been cited, they should not be listed in References. Likewise, all cited articles should be listed in References.
  • Your Abstract should be a clear summary of your article, including Results and conclusion. It should help a reader to know if he or she would want to read your whole article. It shouldn’t be more than 250 words. You can discover this by going to your word-processing “tools”- “word count” function.
  • Paper should be 10-13 pages in length. Follow page length guidelines for each section:
  • Title page – 1 page
  • Abstract – 1 page
  • Introduction/Literature Review/Hypothesis – 3-5 pages
  • Methods – 1-2 pages
  • Results 1-2 pages
  • Discussion 2-3 pages
  • References 1-2 pages

Assignment #5: Final APA Style Paper (Revision #2)