Art history writing assignment 200-400 words.

Art history writing assignment 200-400 words..

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Looking closely at and describing individual works of art enables us to understand better form and content. Comparing and contrasting works of art (that is, considering similarities and differences between them) enables us to articulate stylistic distinctions with greater precision. Find two artworks with very similar subject matter, but very different artistic styles and/or execution. Be sure to include brief details about both works, including artist, title, year created and medium. Look closely at both compositions, review course materials, and take some preliminary notes for your own reference. As you describe, analyze, compare and contrast the pair, consider each of the following: • Stylistic characteristics (i.e., visual elements and/or design principles) • Subject matter and/or theme Compare and contrast the styles of both artworks. How does the style of the work change the message and/or theme? How does the difference in style change how we view the work overall? Do not simply make a list of the aforementioned aspects. Instead, construct a clear and coherent comparison by analyzing similarities and differences between the two works. You want to consider the ways in which the two artworks are related and distinct in terms of specific characteristics, general themes or purposes of art, and art historical significance.

Art history writing assignment 200-400 words.