Aquafresh White Trays Case Write Up 1 page

Aquafresh White Trays Case Write Up 1 page.

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1. Read the short case (Aquafresh 1-2 page) and make write up (1 page) for answering the questions at the end.


What accounts for the market success of the Aquafresh product? Keep in mind: As large and knowledgeable as GSK is, both P&G and Colgate already had similar products on the market, and both could easily defend themselves against the competitive launch of Aquafresh. More generally, what can be learned from GSK’s perspective, and also from Oratech’s perspective, about making open innovation work?

2. The template for the case write up will include: situation, problems, alternative solution, the choice of solution, conclusion.

Aquafresh White Trays Case Write Up 1 page