Answer question based on reading and documentary

Answer question based on reading and documentary.

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Watch “The Last Fish – Our Exhausted Seas – Documentary on Overfishing and Dwindling

Fish Stocks” ().

Then complete the following exercise:

Georges Bank is an underwater bank situated along the eastern edge of the Gulf of Maine between Cape Cod and Nova Scotia. This region is one of the most biologically productive marine areas on the eastern seaboard, historically accounting for a large percentage of New England’s commercial fish landings. The Georges Bank fishery is particularly well-known for its groundfish—species such as cod, haddock, and flounder that feed near the bottom of the ocean.

A fishery stock that has previously been listed, or is currently listed, as overfished is required to have a rebuilding program until the stock has been rebuilt to levels consistent with supporting maximum sustainable yield on a sustainable basis. In many locations, such as Georges Bank, this rebuilding plan includes the establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Read the WWF article, Protecting Fish and Fishermen: Marine Reserves in the United States Demonstrate Major Benefits to Fisheries.

In a one page, single-spaced essay (~500 words), summarize the overfishing problem and I Georges Bank in light of the following considerations:

1. How did the problem emerge?

2. What actions were taken to rebuild Georges Bank groundfish stocks in 1994?

3. How were fishing zone closures enforced?

4. How did groundfish species respond to protection?

5. Besides the groundfish species targeted for rebuilding, what other species were affected by the closure of Georges Bank fishing grounds?

6. How are MPAs effective management tools for preventing and reviving overfished populations?

You should have an introduction at the beginning of the paper and a conclusion in the end. Should include all question and must be correct! The answer should based on both video and paper.

Answer question based on reading and documentary