Answer Assignment questions

Answer Assignment questions.

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

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There are two research papers related to the main assignment.

I need two different answer assignments for two different people .

Words limit = 1500 approximately (excluding table of content and reference list) for each assignment.

Assignment Tasks:

1) Submit a work proposal for this assignment or before 13/05/2020 (23:59) which must include:

  • Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables.
  • General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all tasks.
  • Timeline for completion of the given tasks.
  • The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle.

    2) Kindly read the research paper titled “A comparative study of e-commerce business models”

    and answer the following:

    a) Debate on how E-Commerce can help in expanding the market based on the business


    b) Debate on how the relationship with vendors and supplier changed as a result of the move

    towards e-commerce.

    3) Kindly read the research paper titled “E-COMMERCE PAYMENT SYSTEMS” and answer the


    a) Discuss on how complexity of e-payment systems must be tackled by the organizations.

    b) Compare different online payment methods and recommend the securest online payment

    method with proper justification.

    4) Format & Referencing

    Answer Assignment questions