Answer all 3 questions

Answer all 3 questions.

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1. Building on the article on “Embracing Agile” (Rigby et al., 2016, Harvard Business Review), please highlight the conditions that are favorable and unfavorable for agile. Also, please describe and analyze two recent industry examples, where companies successfully implemented agile approaches.

2. Please summarize and give examples on how to overcome barriersto entry in an established industry, based on your reading and analysis of the article by Stringham et al. (2015) “Overcoming Barriers To Entry In An Established Industry: Tesla Motors.” California Management Review. If you would be a new entrant in the car industry (e.g., BYTON… ), what can you learn from Tesla’s approaches?

3. Please fill in the components of the Business Model canvas (see page 13) for one of the the below examples:

-A new food truck on campus (you can choose any food truck you like)

-A company of your choice.

The Business Model Canvas is on page 13 of the “Business model Canvas.pdf” and there are also step by step explanation in following pages; you can also take reference through this link

Answer all 3 questions