6 pages research

6 pages research.

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Choose one topic from the list below. Research at least 5 previous papers from adu library

adu library link


1. Title Page–The title is a short statement that tells the subject of your report.

2. Table of content.

3. Introduction – It introduces the topic and tells the reader what your paper will be all about. Here, identify an unmet need of students (empathizing stage).

Develop a literature review on the issue you have chosen and include a review of minimum 5 previous researches (researches that have been done in the same area). You should take research articles only from various databases available in Abu Dhabi University’se-library;

4. Main Body –The body is the longest part of the paper. The main body of the project will include the following key stages of design thinking process:

a. Develop an in-depth understanding of this need (definition stage). Based on this, write a research question / hypothesis related to your topic.

b. Generate multiple ideas. Select a creative idea (Choose the best idea).

c. Rationalize/justify why you chose that option.

5. Conclusion– The conclusion tells the reader what you have learned about the topic. Predict possible outcomes of your choice?

6. References

7. The project should consist of minimum 6pages excluding the cover page, table of contents and references. You will use font“size 12” in “Times New Roman style “andthe space between lines should be “1.5.

8. Make sure that you use “in-text citation”(direct quote &indirect quote) and the “reference list in APA style.

Students can choose any problem related to any of the following topic

• Time management issues.

• Work-life-study balance related issues.

• Academic performance challenges.

• Social media related challenges.

• Parking Problem.

• Health, wellness and Happiness related.

• Housing Problem.

• Homesickness

• Reimagining your classroom space

• How to utilize the time when stuck in traffic

• How to deal with angry students

• Encouraging more recycling on campus

• Increasing student engagement activities for creating a sense of belonging

• Making spaces where students can come together.

6 pages research