5 Paragraph essay about a broadcasting channel

5 Paragraph essay about a broadcasting channel.

Must Select a comedy or a family broadcasting network. In this paper you will describe the channel you select, its audience, and the primary genres of content it uses to attract that audience. DUE SUNDAY
Come up with a good title for your paper. It will help structure the paper. Don’t title your paper “Short Paper 2” or anything as uninteresting as that 
A fully developed double spaced paragraph in a normal font should take up at least a half a page. If you have a paragraph that isn’t that long, you should think about how you extend it. EACH PARAGRAGH MUST BE A HALF PAGE LONG
Citations are best done in APA format (e.g.: Author, year).
Address this question in five paragraphs, structured as follows:
In paragraph one, start by describing the broadcast or cable network (by name). Describe the kind of audience this network is trying to attract (this will require some research which should be reflected in citations and references). How successful has the network been in attracting that audience. End the paragraph by indicating that there are three three genres of content that the network uses to attract that audience. Be sure to name them.
In Paragraph two describe one of the genres of content. After describing it in general terms discuss the reasons why it would be attractive to the network’s desired audience. This is a good place to do some research. You should be able to find, for instance, demographic information for shows associated with the genre and reviews of shows associated with the genre. Citations would be approprirate
paragraph 3 and 4 – Do the same in the next two paragraphs for the other two genres that the network uses to attract its desired audience.
In the last paragraph briefly review the three genres and the ways in which they help the network to attract its audience. 

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5 Paragraph essay about a broadcasting channel